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TLC432-300-RF (444 Marlin & 44 Mag)
TL255-50-RF (25 ACP)
TL314-70-RF (32 ACP)
TL367-100-RF (9mm Makarov)
9mm Makarov
TL457-235-RF (45 ACP
TL358-100-RF (380 Auto Sub-Compact Pistols)
380 Auto
TL358-125-RF (380 Auto Full Frame Pistols)
380 Auto
TLC225-50-RF (218 Bee, 219 Zipper & 22 Hornet)
TLC258-80-RF (25-20 Win & 25-35 Win)
TLC356-135-RF (9mm Luger - Gas Check Bullet)
9mm Luger
TLC411-265-RF (41 Mag)
TLC411-265-RF Note
TLC478-375-RF (480 Ruger Levergun)
TLC454-290-RF (45 Colt)
TLC454-290-RF Note
TLC460-310-RF Note
TLC460-310-RF (45-70 Govt & 450 Marlin)
TC460-310-RF Note
TLC460-360-RF (45-70 Govt & 450 Marlin)
TLC460-435-RF (45-70 Govt & 450 Marlin)
Retail mold sales of all 33 of my bullet designs was discontinued in November of  2012, because of the time issues of running a small business against the time I had available for my family and ranch land.

This web site has been made available so that the thousands of users who are currently shooting these designs have the reference material for their casting and shooting needs..

Lee Precision has all my drawings and the designs are available through them for custom orders. You will still be charged the setup fee associated with an order as these designs are not production molds.

NOE is cutting several of my designs, check their website. The designations are different so it might be best to ask "which is which" on the NOE forum. This forum is turning into a very good cast bullet forum. Any new designs that I offer will probably be through NOE.

If any Lee Precision distributor, dealer, or retailer is interested in offering my designs through Lee Precision, please contact me through the
NOE forum and I will insure that you have the correct, updated drawing for your order.

This symbol       indicates that the Load Notes data has been updated to the new format. I have started the process of updating all the data to a uniformed standard but it will take a considerable about to time to get to all of the designs. Please look for the       next to your design and download the new Load Notes when available!

The use of this material is at your own risk and Ranch Dog Outdoors is not responsible for your use as such
. The material on this site is copyrighted, both on this page and via the links, and is the property of Ranch Dog Outdoors.

Casting with a Lee 6-cavity aluminum mold

If you are a QuickLoad user,
download the complete Ranch Dog Bullet file (current file is dated 04/04/2015). Right mouse click the link below and "Save As..." to this location on your computer: C:\Users\Public\Documents\QuickLOAD\data\bullet
TLC452-330-RF (454 Casull)
TLC380-250-RF (38-55 Win with SAAMI Chambers)
TLC359-175-RF (357 Mag)
TLC359-190-RF (35 Rem & 356 Win)
TLC379-235-RF (375 Win & 38-55 Win)
375 & 38-55 Win
Load Data
338 Marlin Exp
Load Data
TLC339-200-RF (338 Marlin Express)
TLC323-180-RF Note
TLC323-170-RF (32 Win Spl)
TC460-435-RF Note
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TLC432-275-RF Note
TLC432-275-RF (444 Marlin & 44 Mag)
Load Notes Updated!
Load Notes Updated!
TLC432-250-RF Note
TLC432-265-RF (444 Marlin & 44 Mag)
Load Notes Updated!
TLC432-275-RF Note
TLC432-355-RF (444 Marlin)
TLC-310-180-RF (308 Win)
Load Notes Updated!
Load Notes Updated!
TLC310-165-RF (300 Savage)
TLC311-170-RF Note
TLC311-170-RF (Original 30-30 Win bullet renamed)
TLC311-165-RF Revised Note
TLC311-165-RF (30-30 Win)
TLC311-170-RF Note
TLC308-175-RF (308 Marlin Express)
308 Marlin Express
Load Data
TLC313-150-RF (7.62x39)
TLC313-115-RF (32-20 Win)
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